Quest Realm
Imagine exciting stories of romance, intrigue or conquest in the time of queens, kings, courts, knights, and Medieval villagers. Travel back to the days of Robin Hood and Maid Marion or King Arthur and Guinevere. Kids use their toys to create festivals, performances, parades, races, jousting contests and fairies within the castle walls. Man the drawbridge and guard the castle walls from the heights of a battlement tower. Explore the castle outskirts, the village market square, inns, storefronts, cottages and a lavish fountain. Venture to woods with hidden waterfalls, tent encampments, and a multi-level treehouse. “Quest Realm” joins in any direction to other ImaginOak Play Mats. Ages 3-11. Children love imaginative play.
• Small 3x4 size $49.99
• Large 4x5 size $64.99